Digitalize Museum Collection

We simplify the digitization process for our museum partners. Museums only need to effortlessly capture camera-held pictures or videos of their collections and upload them to our platform. From there, our server seamlessly transforms these artifacts into high-fidelity 3D models using our state-of-the-art 3D reconstruction technology.

Our Technology Moat

Our reconstruction technology not only produces the most realistic 3D models of the artwork but also achieves this in 40% less time compared to existing market solutions. Moreover, unlike other platforms, which solely store the models themselves, we also preserve the original recordings of the artworks. This approach enables museum partners to avoid rescanning and reuploading the entire collection following each system update and technological advancement.

A Customized Learning Experience Through AI Features

Our objective extends beyond the mere exhibition. We aim to forge an interactive, immersive, and personalized learning journey within a metaverse museum.

AI Curated Exhibition

In addition to digitizing museums, we leverage AI to curate personalized exhibitions, drawing from 1.1 million public domain art resources and new contributions from museums worldwide. This approach offers a more tailored learning experience for audiences, whether they are exploring specific art movements, cultural themes, or individual artists.

AI Tour Guide

Within each Metaverse Museum, we create AI avatars of renowned artists crafted from historical records of their personalities and personal stories. They stand ready to discuss their artwork and provide real-time, in-depth answers to the user's verbal queries.

Moreover, leveraging computer vision technology, we allow visitors to select specific portions of artwork for deeper exploration provided by our LLM, meticulously crafted for art and history education, and only sources its insights from an array of reputable references.

AI Tutor

The AI Tutor teaches foundational art drawing skills and offers real-time, actionable feedback by comparing your artwork with sample pictures. Additionally, it assists you in designing personalized learning objectives and study plans, while also tracking your learning progress.