Democratize access to personalized art education through digitized museums & AI-driven features.

We Are Proud of Our Achievements


Customer Discovery

Completed 96 interviews with museums, and university professors in Art.


Institution Connection

Secured agreements from 36 professors to pilot our demo in their classes next semester.


User Surveys

Collected 236 survey responses from K-12 and college students across various disciplines.


Product Testing

Conducted 50 hours of demo testing, refining our products based on customer feedback.


Google Gen AI

Won first place in the 2024 Google Generative AI Innovation Challenge Hackathon.


Midwest Innovation Competition

Secured first place in the US Midwest Innovation Competition, along with a $25,000 prize.


CMU McGinnis

Advanced to the finalists of the 2024 McGinnis Venture Competition, placing the fourth.


Stanford Pitch Competition

Reached the finalists of the 2024 Stanford AI+ Future Pitch Competition, among the Top 12 businesses nationwide.

Our Next Journey

2024 May

35+ customer interviews

150+ hours of demo testing

Enhance AI accuracy

Implement user management

2024 Jun

2024 Jul

Reach out 20+ PA museums & university for partnership

Develop 3D reconstruction pipeline

2024 Aug

2024 Sept

Official Web tier launch

Official VR tier launch

2024 Oct

2024 Dec

Achieve 1,000 monthly active users

Broaden global presence

Attain 10,000 monthly active users



95+ licensing agreements

200+ museum partners

$200K monthly revenue